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Saturday, July 19, 2008 ; Wen Yi Hui!~ at 8:30 PM
hehehe...yesterday was Wen Yi Hui..which is a Chinese Society de programme..and it was held in my school's was quite ok..for me..ahha..i reached school around 6.30 wif my friend , chee yang..we were cyclin at the tapak perhimpunan..coz theres no teacher..muahahah...and then help KhEe Soon which the PA system..set up..and then went for make up..haha..just a little bit..Danica helped me wif it anyways...then went to the hall..

it started at around 9pm and ended around 11.45...ok...we enjoyed a few things..they sang..and stuff..then it was my and Sin Zi sang 'BabaMama' by Nicholas Teo..the teachers and my friends told me that we should hold hands and sing..nope..she cant do it..even if we dont hold hands..we can eye contact abit de ma..anyways..i hold her hands at the end...after we sang that song..shit..the crowd was shouting for an Encore...and then..kaijin played the song again..we sang..then the whole choir group went up to join was good..applauses everywhere...hehehe...

after that..there was zhen..and then..our turn again..we were about to sing 'Ni men Shi wo de Xing Guang'..before that..Cecilia called me..and she was asking..its only 11.30 now..can u solo any song?..then i was like..omg..dont noe..well anyways..we went up...and me,Sin Zi,Nicole,Ying Zi and a few pupil were soloing lu..i hitted some high notes that i couldnt even reach before the day..they were clappin as usual...good thing for ended then all of us and the audience went to the canteen to eat..they provided food for us..i went there then i ate lu..after that..we took some picture..some whom i dont even noe..even took pictures wif me..haha..ok lu..

After that...went to KFC wif a bunch of friends =)...then cecilia was like..keep on saying wan take picture but i didnt...haizz..should take next time lu...then...we celebrated Chee Yang's and Xue Qin's bdae was and stuffs...ok de!enjoy these pictures =)..

Some pictures do look funny..coz i did close my eyes..XD..I really want to say thank you to a few people!
Danica a.k.a my princess,who let me solo-ed..
Sin Zi,my cute and lovely partner...
Cecilia,Yap,Chee Yang,Wei Xiong,which gave me lots of support..
Form 2 students =)
Form 1 Students =)
My Friends..!
Here..i really wan to thank you guys!...u guys gave me hell lots of beautiful memories that i will not forget =)!

~Memories that i will never forget~

-fusion of black&white
8:30 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, July 8, 2008 ; Test! at 3:16 AM
omg...the test in school is so freakin hard today...i dont think ill be able to score...stupid b.m subject lu..ringkasan..wht the hell..theres no even points in there and the teachers keep tellin us there is..the whole school cant do lu...omg..anyways...went to my sister graduation's ceremony...took some pictures too =)bt i only can upload one of them..y?...enjoy anyways ^^!

me and my sis =)

-fusion of black&white
3:16 AM


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