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Monday, September 29, 2008 ; tags at 11:10 PM
allthough jess didnt tag me but i felt like doing it!LOL..since it looks fun!here we go~

Rules: The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

A girl of course

1. A girl who loves me nt because im my bro/sis younger bro..=.=
2. A good looking girl..haha..
3. Not too fat not too thin!~ hehe
4. A girl whom i can sing to her.
5. Accompany me whenever i need her to be.
6. Let me spend on her??bwahhaha
7. Not bitchy or a backstabbeR?
8. A girl who likes to sing and party all the time!~.~

P/S: Any iDea whr can i find this type of girl?

Anyways. Im tagging
1)Pui Yeng
5)MunTheng baby

-fusion of black&white
11:10 PM

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Sunday, September 28, 2008 ; Boring day at 10:15 PM told me that Sin Zi ask me to go karaoke this im still not sure whether im going or not but i sure do wannna go..relax abit mar..been studying alot this few weeks..(nt months..) LOL! anyways..been browsing thru a few old posts..haha.. ive been like!WTF? ive been writing these shits and not studying?oh my gosh!damn i was childish a few months back!but..who growing more mature day by day bt theres still..slightly..some childish-ness in me..

now i noe..its actually quite important to study..haha..ive been quite rebellious for the past few months and i only realize it now? Im sorry if i Offended anyone out there!! Study! now only i noe geography is that easy? but im still scared not scoring an A for geography for some reason.. i dont noe..i wish to score good results!better than the previous ones.. i aim for english,malay,khb,science,math and geography..i dont noe about sejarah and science..allthough i can really understand science.but at least its logic and i think i can master it in a week? o.O friend told me to understand the flow..=.= i did try..but only in the first 3 chapters..=.= OMG! how am i gonna score for PMR? anyways..time to stop bloggin! ill have to continue my studies! just feel like expressing stuffs in da blog..hehe!

- chiaozz -

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10:15 PM

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Friday, September 26, 2008 ; God Of Noise at 12:17 AM
hahaha!May i present u !to the god of noise!RAHZEL!!!his a freaking goood beatboxer which got famous because of this song ' if ur mother only knew ' he can beatbox and sing at the freaking same time!thats wht im currently doing lar..LOL!i think his the creator of beatbox if im not mistaken =X!haha..anyways..enjoy the below video~

-fusion of black&white
12:17 AM

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Thursday, September 25, 2008 ; Food ~ at 10:43 PM
haha...i cooked something ytd and thought of taking its picture and upload it here =)

The food that i cooked..ahah..using eggs and noodles again!but this time..ade souP~~summore got smiley face tim~

me and the food!!no name for this food!somebody help me think!!!!!!~ is boring because exam everyday!luckily i studied everything!but the worst is Sejarah!i like it so much but then i cant seem to remember anything from wht i read!!how can i score A for sejarah in my PMR?i have no idea..anyways!

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10:43 PM

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008 ; Pictures of The Day at 9:16 AM went to kfc to celebrate birthday wif PuiYeng lar..a small coincidence that its my sister's birthday today too!haha..anyways..PuiYeng was late!me and nic and tze wei waited..=.= for like 10 minutes baru sampai..-.- no pic's though!forgot to take lu! pictures for my sister's la..and then at night..went dinner wif sister..haha..she cut her hair!! rite?let the pictures do the job~

the birthday girl and her handphone!lol

she look funny in this picture..kinda like..haha..

me and the birthday girl!love her lotssssss~~mwahhhss!
haha...went browsing thru my phone and found this picture i took like a month ago..planning to post it on my blog but..forgot adi..not bad la..haha

me and my bro's specs..LOL

thats all for today la...HAPPAY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTA!~~and my senior jiejie!~puiyeng..haha

- nitez -

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9:16 AM

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Friday, September 19, 2008 ; Beh Tahan at 9:45 AM
really beh tahan..say wan stop blog but bloggin had became my daily routine.haha!have to at school study la!wht else..=.=
and then came bak..studied kemahiran did not study la..i did the 60 questions..3 sets of them..(without looking at the book) 1st set:73.33 marks.. 2nd set:35 marks..=.= 3rd set..around 80 marks i think..i really happy that i can score..but i still have to do some revision..i have to make sure that my khb scores A for PMR!hehe..

after that..sis sent me to qi xiang's house for bBq!LOL!and then celebrated bdae wif 3 ppl..same date..=.= walao..nice rite?we actually bbq-ed!haha..and ate kfc la..quite an amount of ppl came..anyways..after eating..we went to the bsb court nearby and played basketball!OMG!not bad a few rebounds..shot some 2 points..LOL!after that..went bak to qi xiang's house and tidy up the things..hehe.. after tyding the stuffs we ate..we went to yumcha..bwahahaha...around 10.50 pm!walked bak to benjamin's house..i thought im gonna ask ben's mother to send me bak..but unfortunately..his parents went dating..bwahaha..romantic huH?then i took his bicycle lo..omg..its so slow!!my leg nearly crammed..! chased by the fkin dog again!=.= i was like..holy SHIT!!haha..reached home..had 2 cups of milk..and watched the moment of truth!bwahaha..really nice..
pictures are at my friends lazy to update..LOL..i look horrible in some pictures!

- Kevin ™ -

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9:45 AM

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Thursday, September 18, 2008 ; A post at 8:50 AM
well..i cooked something today too..its called, 'The Ultimate Tomyum Mee Pataya'..lols..lame rite?but it do taste nice..bwahahahah...really nice tim..enjoy the picturess..

'The Ultimate Tomyum Mee Pataya'!!bwahahahaa..nice ler?hehe

Me and my 'The Ultimate Tomyum Mee Pataya'!lolsss...

errrhh...look at my eyebagsss >.< my eye actually looks quite big here..
after having 'The Ultimate Tomyum Mee Pataya' i actually studied until im gonna go study again!and ladies and gentleman..i think this will be the last time ill blog as pmr is reaching soon!!i wont blog unless i cant tahan
chiaozz!will miss all of you out there~

- Kevin -

-fusion of black&white
8:50 AM

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008 ; at 8:47 AM

well..its time to blog about another girl..LOL..her name is Mun Theng..a very cute girl!i first met her is when i first transfered to PeeJay school...hehe..thank god i shifted there...i noe her like 7 years adi lo..she's elder than me for like 5months but i still treat her as my muimui!lols..3 years never see each other adi lo..i miss her so much@!!i love her so much too!whoever jadi her bf memang lucky u noe?but bad guys out there...dont even think about playing her heart..or else..ill kick ur ass!she loves jay chou so much!and wan chean too..haha..she have dimples too!hehe..wonder wht she look like now?haizzz..when can meet her?mayb after pmr gua!lols!hope she blogs about me too..hehe..i think i sang her jonas brother song i think..on that memory isnt that good nowadays..i have to thank her for applying the skin for my blog too!a very good girl and a very cute girl!summore her studies also not bad mar..hehe..i wish to meet her now and give her a tell u guys a truth..ive never hug a girl before except for my family lar..LOL..thats kinda bad rite?thats all for today..

history time!


-fusion of black&white
8:47 AM

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Saturday, September 13, 2008 ; Another Senior~ at 9:40 AM

lols!!ok lar..this time blog about u lo..she's Cecilia and she's 17 years old..favourite word in blog is (lalala~)lols..she's a very very cute girl!i first met her is during this year's KRS kawat kaki..haha..then i helped her wif the wen yi hui's card..haha..and then just added her on msn and then chatted =) she loves to smile!hehe..her smile can make ppl fall in love..waakakaka..her favourite colour is pink,white,black,purple and blue(just got this information from her)..she's a cheerleader!a very good cheerleader..haha...i once saw them performing at Zouk..very good..haha..and she's having her SPM this year..but i think she can get thru this exam very easily..hehe..GOOD LUCK!!~her ambition is to be a psychologist or maybe a teacher..and a special ambition..but i wont tell!she just broke up wif her boy too..erm..bout like few weeks le la..they were together for 9 months like dat i think..i still rmb that when she broke up..i messaged her on msn..then she told me that let her cool down then tell me wht happened..i really worried about her la coz she was like not replying me on msn..i then messaged her saying like dont cry or wht..anything then tell me..haizz..why are all the girls in my school like that..but i really really appreciate her as my friend!!love her lots~ pei u till the end..i think im gonna fall in love wif her xD

-fusion of black&white
9:40 AM

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; Zoey baobao at 8:13 AM

this is Zoey jiejie..hehe..also know as puiyeng =) she's a very special girl to me =) very chubby and cute..haha..dont noe why larh..just like her attitude lots =) she luvs icecream and yogurt alot but unfortunately..she dislikes rice..haha..didnt noe why..She's going to be 17 this year in 10 days more..she's very growned up too..very mature..but a very mature girl..will break down too..she got over a bloody suckieeee guy!she told me yesterday that she wants to cry..and she cried..she cried until she's out of breath..Im very worried about her and sang her a song using msn..hope she'll get over this suckie guy in no time!!ASAP!~u are very amazing girl lar..although we never talk much in school..but we chatted on msn she means alot to me lar..i remember the first time i met her is during assembly lar...i was form 2 and she was form 4..she went up to the stage coz she got straight a's for pmr!VERY SMART you'll get over this SPM ! u'll be just fine!!i promised her to buy her mcFlurry so i will..hehe..take care!~ we will be there for u in no time..

-fusion of black&white
8:13 AM

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Friday, September 12, 2008 ; When You Look Me in The Eyes at 10:07 AM
When You Look Me in The Eyes - Jonas Brothers

If the heart is always searching,
Can you ever find a home?
I've been looking for that someone,
I'll never make it on my own.
Dreams can't take the place of loving you,
There's gotta be a million reasons why it's true.

When you look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side.
When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
I find my paradise,
When you look me in the eyes.

How long will I be waiting,
To be with you again
I'm gonna tell you that I love you,
In the best way that I can.
I can't take a day without you here,
You're the light that makes my darkness disappear.

When you look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side.
When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
I find my paradise,
When you look me in the eyes.

Movin' on, I start to realize,
I can reach my tomorrow,
I can hold my head up high,
And it's all because you're by my side.

When you look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side.
When I hold you in my arms,
I know that it's forever,
I just gotta let you know,
That I won't let you go.

Cause when you look me in the eyes.

And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side
When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
I find my paradise,
When you look me in the eyes.

i hope that ull take care..because everything comes and goes..(to puiyeng)

-fusion of black&white
10:07 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
; Nasi Pataya!~ at 6:42 AM is the final gerak gempur day..aha!geography ah..i tak tau la..hancur adi!!i dont noe how to do at all..but i think mostly i correct la..chey~saje..went to play badminton again lo..i suk at it accuracy like shit..=.= summore dont noe why tak ade supprisingly..cheeyang(my coach)brought his cousin sis and his bro..his bro damn good..eventhough his shorter than the net..he can smash!!propro..andrew and alicia followed too..haha...then this basketballer..=.= suddenly change bidang..come play badminton..haha..we had good time although we all just that we all squeeezed inside 1 court..haha..then went home straight away go OoioOi(sleep)..learnt from Puiyeng a.k.a baobao..haha..lols..anyways..i tried to make nasi pataya when nobody is in the house..haha!pictures =)

the human have 3 eyes..that would be freaky..but we do have 3 eyes..just that we cant see

the egg shellss...puiyeng told me that if we put egg shells in salt will dissapear..LOL..she's good in her!mwahhxxx..

then stir the egggss...haha..put some pepper and kicap..lols..=.=

then go cook lo!cook adi become like this lo..put rice on top of the egg..left or right also can coz u might need to fold become nasi pataya..=.=

then just put some ingredients on top of the rice just to make it nicer..i put belacan..haha..looks abit funny..but taste good~

then fold became like that...failed or success...guess?lol

then me and my nasi pataya (failed)
why failed?its becozz...when i fold the egg..suddenly ade lubang!!omg!!damn!!this is really bad~ i mean..still taste good althought i dont look good..lols..quite lame day is like dat loo...!

-fusion of black&white
6:42 AM

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 ; Today~ at 11:44 PM
lols..went exam today at school..its like Bahasa Cina dulu me and my friends went to the other class coz we did not take chinese subject..then we studied sejarah lo..very until like last 30 minutes..then talk about who's the prettiest girl in this school..then my friends like answer cecilia,pris ah,candice ah..then i answered!dont noe why..just slipped off my mouth..haha.!then ok lo..after recess then went to study again..=.=sejarah..i studied since a long time ago but it seems like ill never be able to get an A for PMR!but ill try my best!then here comes sejarah test paper..i think its because i studied until 3am ytd that why i felt like sleeping..luckily..i did not fell asleep lar..i did like 30 questions like that..then my brain suddenly got blanked!!!wtf!!!!!shit man..haizzz..sei mou!!then like man man do lo..some like can do some cant do..=.=anyways..its over adi..cant turn the clock bak!!

then after school..walked wif friends to PSS corridor!then saw nicole..then she handed me a letter supposed to teman her today but..i got stuffs to do!!!i broke my promise again!SORRY Nicole!!haah..then i did not open the letter until i reach home lo..haha!coz im walking wif my friends mar..dont wan let them see the!dont noe why..just dont feel like..then accompanied Suri Jessica to the road..coz she's walking alone..=.= then she asked me to accompany her..even if didnt ask me..i also will accompany larr...then she said im very protective..and said..'Kevin,u must becareful ah..because of ur bro..every girls will be coming after u'..=.= so im like..telling her bak lu ' if girls are coming after me because of my bro..i wont choi them de lo..girls come after me because of my own talent..not because of my bro..' then she like ok then went off lo..=.= whtever it is la!girls out there!dont come near me because of my bro!if i find out..ill kill u!~no la..jokin...i will not hurt girls..~

then took some pictures of nicole's letter..dont noe why..just being pathetic i guesss..=.=

the folded letter!haha..wif a sticker cute..=.=

then the front witch summore...cute cute de lar of course..

then me and the letter lo..haha..say no evil~lols..lame rite...?

then..the whole page of the letter..she wished me good luk for my exam and stuffs lor!~thanks ah nicole..coz i have never received any letters from any girls i really appreciate this letter =)!thanks for ur wishes nicole~ hope u have good results and all the best to u~

-fusion of black&white
11:44 PM

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008 ; Picturesss at 5:29 AM

egggggsssss....i cooked it larr....lolS!!!its being cooked i picture~

LOL!!after cooking just put the eggs on the became like got seperated lerrrr..sobs..its supposed to stick together!!!

after eating..better drink 'anything and whtever'! just a boy who luvs to coook!!!XD

-fusion of black&white
5:29 AM

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Sunday, September 7, 2008 ; hehe..chocolates can really make people happy =)m at 11:27 PM
hehe..thank you once again to Nicole Chew from form 2 in my school for those taste really nice =) i noe why chocolate can make people whenever i eat any chocolate..thank you thank you thank you!!!picturesssss..ahah

chocolatezzzzz...supposed to be 9 of them bt theres only 7..guess whr the other 2 chocolates went..haha..of to my stomach so lame..-.-"

me wif the chocolatezzz..hehe..taste super duper nice!!different flavours too..hehe =)

thats all la..just wanted to come online then chitchat for a while..then go study lo....!!

-fusion of black&white
11:27 PM

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; my day!lalala~ at 10:04 PM
hehe..borrow the lalala from cecilia jiejie again =) really quite nice..haha!~ went to school today as usual but suprisingly i chosed to walk =0 quite near actually..theres no need to cycle bicycle's chain is gonna break i guess ill just have to go replace it wif a new chain =) haha..repaint the bicycle..anyways..reached school then they checked me..coz they think that ill bring my handphone..well..i didnt..hehe..

then unexpectedly..we had our assembly in the hall..a very small HALL!not like those i had in PeeJay school!our schools hall is like..just a combination of a few classrooms..deng!~its so small..!!well..the teacher crapped about the bachaton stuff...saying we have to collect!~well..i havent collect la..coz i wont..ill just fill in myself ^^ heheee..anyways...after that..we went bak to our class..i took out some exercise books and then i revised wif my friend..quite interesting indeed..well!not bad la..then we went for rehat..i beh tahan then i bought nasi lemak and eat wif my friend..

after recess..of course..bak to our classroom..all kept quiet and studied...moreover..gerak gempur is on tomorrow..sure have to study la~ so we revised..then we started crapping la..haha..chit chat then do work..chit chat then do least i remember the workings for math now..haha..i dont noe why..i used to be a genius in math at primary i got lost..deng!~somewhere in the forest..can sombody help me?haha..then after comes Nicole =) i dont why i used that way to get down..usually i used the other stair to go down..this time i used the library one..then Chee Sin came and ask for my tie..a junior of mine =)

Nicole came then i said ' yo wassupp?' then she giggled abit then gave me the chocolate..hehe..i said thank you =) i was supposed to get this from her last friday but..!i ponteng-ed ya NicolE!~ she's one of my best junior friend =) hehe...hope that she reads my blog =) wanna have a look at the chocolate she gave me?i havent open la but i took some pictures of the

the packet of the chocolate that she wrapped =)the paper smells nice..=.=i ter-smell it when i took the picture wif the chocolate..

my nameeeee!!~~ Kevin Lim XD haha

me wif the blue packet chocolateee!~cant wait to eat it =)

hehe..!~me wif the chocolate again..somehow..i look funny..=.= didnt noe why..

On the way home..(walking wif cheeyang and his dota sifu..) haha..i saw SinZi's car..and her inside the car la..haizz..din talk to her for so long adi..nowadays hard to find a singing partner la..haha!~ thats it..of to studieezzz..

-fusion of black&white
10:04 PM

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; lalala..tagsss at 5:14 AM
have to borrow the *lalala* from cecilia since im so freaking boreddd!!
well..start now!

~She Say's,
1. Is anything wrong?
- nope..

2. Would you kiss anyone on your top friends?
- maybe..we wouldnt noe..

3. Do you want to go to college?
- yeah!hell yeah!university toooo!!

4. How many kids do you want to have?
- 1 girls and 1 boy!~

5. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
- of course but sumtimes..we argue over minor stuffss =X

6. What did you do for your last birthday?
- ermm..just celebrated wif my parents..nothing much..hope this year will be better =)

7. What were you doing at midnight last night?
- erm..came bak from Kota kemuning then slept..

8. Name something you cannot wait for?
- love..LOL

10. What is one thing you would change in your life?
- my attitude..not attitude problem la..but really have to jiayou on studies loo..

12. Last thing you ate/drank?
- dimsum/tea..

13. Whats your favorite month?
- school holidays?lol..year end de

14. What is your least favorite month?
- december la..hehe..

15. Do you like peanut butter?
- yeaps~

16. Who's making you feel the way you are right now?
- i have no idea =X

17. Most visited web pages?
- Friendster,blogspot and youtube(my video's there..)haha

18. Last person to make you mad?
- my bro i think..haha

19. Pepsi or coke?
- i prefer 100 plus..or water..=.=

20. Have you hugged anyone in the past week?
- yeah..of course..

21. Fun thing to look forward to this week?
- erm...wanna play badminton..

22. What do you think about your siblings?
- very lovely..?i love them so much!

24. Whats your favorite number(s)?
- 16,23,11,8,9?haha

25. What do you do after school/college?
- find a part time job/find a gf..LOL

26. Do you know how to swim?
- ok gua...haha

027. Where were you born?

28. Do you have a crush?
- duh??

1. Are you jealous of one or more of your friends?
- sometimes lo..haha

2. Have you known any of your friends your whole life?
- nope..10 years got la..haha

3. Are any of your friends taller than you?
- like..the shortest among the tallest..=.= wht am i crapping..-.-

4. Have you ever been ditched by a friend?
- so far no..gua..-.-

5. Do you have your friend's phone number's memorized?
- yeapss..especially girls de..

6. Have you lost or forgotten a friend's phone number?
- lost? rosak..XD

7. Have you been to most of your friends houses?
- erm..yeah..

8. Do you love most of your friends?
- yeaps..most of my friend.those who loves me u love me?haha

1. Do you play with things when nervous?
- nopes..just like stomachache lo..haha

2. Do you have an odd obsession with knives?

3. Do you sleep with the door open or closed?
- CLosed la..

4. Is there at least one sound you can't stand?
- err..squeky sound made by taiwan girls..i dont understand..are they trying to be cute or innocent..or is that their charactER?=.=

5. What is your worst habit?
- erm..beatbox/sing everywhere..

1. Do you currently like/love someone?
- yeah~

2. Do you want to kill one of your exes?
- i got no gf so still single and available~

4. Has one of your crushes ever called you self centered before?
- told u i have no gf..=.=

1. Do you think abortions are horrible?

2. Are you against or think gay marriage is bad?
- no..

3. Is pink an ugly color?
- ok mar..i have pink t-shirts..LOL!

4. Needles aren't so horrible?
- hurts people!so all kids out there!dont play wif needles!~

5. You have plenty of secrets?
- erm..1?haha

1. Have you ever fallen UP the stairs?
- i think so..

2. Have you ever had a nail fall off?
- nope..toe nail got la

3.Have you ever slapped someone across the face?
- erm..just playing slap before la..=.=

I Tag ;
pui yeng..
mun theng..
anyone who likes to do lo..=)
(now i realise..mostly girls have blogs..=.=..see the number of boys i tag..NONE!)

-fusion of black&white
5:14 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
; EXAM! at 4:58 AM
i hate exam..why do the freaking government wanna give us this freaking exam?gosh is so freaking irritating..=.= i dont noe wht im gonna score but im just gonna try my best..theres 35+ days more to PMR and im still here blogging and surfing the internet?or am i being rebelious to my parentS?tsk tsk tsk..cant i just study!somebody tutor me please..i need a guider..

for example..a girl?a pretty girl that is smaRT?she can tutor me..then whenever i think of her..then i noe how to do..haha..lame ritE?that wont happen i just day dreaming..haizz..or mayb just somebody..say give me rm100k if i get straights?haizzz....................well just gonna sit infront of the computer and surf the internet..ill study later!!please..god give me some strength..=.=

i remember my bro saying if i get into top 2 class for 5 years in a row..he'll buy me a offering him 2 options..1:BMW 3 series..2:BMW 5 series...guess he'll just choose the cheaper ones..LOL!!

-fusion of black&white
4:58 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, September 6, 2008 ; Mooncake Festival at 8:04 AM
lols!went to Kota Kemuning there and celebrated Mooncake Festival in a hall next to the mcD drive thru..just had dinner then sang then danced then joked around..and then enjoyed la..not lucky draw also bt i did not kena la..although theres some part i did not like..personally lar..haha..aaron send us bak around 10.30..pui yeng looks so sleepy la..macam headache i messaged her when i went in to the house..saying ' drink more water'!lols..lame rite..took a picture wif her also..others didnt take coz after the proggrame then all go bak adi..i saw rachael tooo!she looks pretty..indeed everybody looked pretty..even me also look quite handsome..LOLs!im too perasaan la..sorry!~

haha..she changed so much..physically and mentally..but she did grow taller..haha...she always be my best best friend!!~

-fusion of black&white
8:04 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
; ME!! at 1:09 AM
lols..just felt bored so i recorded a video..the video is like im playing d'amour song lo!just saje put on youtube.enjoy la =) not the full version though

-fusion of black&white
1:09 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, September 3, 2008 ; My best friend! at 11:18 PM

haha...everyone do have a best friend rite?i also have one..alot too...indeed everyone is my best friend =)..hope we'll be friends forever Chee Yang..his a very good boy..he is a very good student too..but corrupted by my friends..ahah..but still not bad..all girls out there!!can go after him..very good in badminton and studies very proud of him!!very good actor too !! ahahaha..we'll be besties forever!wo look like 9 years old in the picture though we are 15!!!y??

-fusion of black&white
11:18 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, September 2, 2008 ; What About Now? at 8:53 AM
found some pictures today..ahah..girls la..a form 5 and a form 1 girls..related to each other!!haha of course..

This is Ying Zi..form 5 girl in my school...a Senior of mine of course..she is an elder sister to a girl named Sin Zi..found her profile on friendster..lols!

Found her profile at friendster so i decided to post it on my blog..haha..a very cute girl..her name is Sin Zi..and of course..a younger sister to Ying Zi...she's form 1 this year..a junior of mine!and she sang wif me this year on the stage,Wen Yi Hui..haha..she's very good in singing =)

well..its a bored day today so i just post this 2 girls picture..really cute hor?hahaha!of course..i learned a song named 'Mariage D'amour' today...can almost play the whole song la...happy me..perhaps this song can be performed at my house if theres any special events (families birthday,or CNY and etc..)haha..wished that i can get good results for PMR so that i can concentrate on my Piano..mum said that she would bring me to learn dancing..haha..hope she keeps her promise!!

a picture which i have captured using N95..a very nice phone wif 5Megapixel camera..suits me alot but it belongs to my bro!!quite clear rite the picture?but the size is abit big..700+ kb for eachh picture..haha...scores and a pen..lols..heard this song from daughtry and the tittle for this song is 'wht about now' i think..didnt really bother to check out this songs name as i really enjoy this song until i fall asleepp..XD..really nice song!!go check his album out...found some pictures today..ahah

my love to u will never fade,
as the light will be upon us,
shining us through the cloudy weather,
so that we'll be together for eternity...

lol..suddenly wrote this down..dont noe wht is it also..ahah

-fusion of black&white
8:53 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, September 1, 2008 ; Bad day!! at 12:51 AM
went to Sri Petaling's DimSum World today to have breakfast father woke everyone up and called my uncles and aunties...well...wht to do.. my dad is old already so he needs someone to chat cant blame him..i accompanied my parents to Sri Petaling ..bro did not follow us because he's going out wif his dear friends to Bukit Tinggi.. and then ate dimsum..of course..after the breakfast..we went straight bak to home..reached home and then listened to jay Chou's song again..ahha..after that..found out this song named 'Everything' by Michael Bubble..its really a nice song and the lyrics had really inspired me..very unique indeed..his songs are mostly blues and jazz..very very nice =) u guys so check it out too!!

after that..sister and mom went out somewhr..i didnt noe whr so i didnt follow..i stayed in the house and practiced piano for a while..then off i go to my house friends..we are going to play badminton =) so its quite ridiculous for us to walk there because we both own A we cycled to the M.B.S.A Dewan to train ourselves..just the both of us..i even told myself..its a really nice weather,please dont rain..and then i warmed up wif my friend, Chee Yang (my best friend/coach)..stretched our arms and feet..and then ran the whole Hall for 2 rounds..then we played lo..haha..suddenly Chee Yang wants to play a game (double) wif the indians =)..I ACT COOL!but seriously..i did not play quite scared at the first we lost..the 2nd round..we lost too..its all because of just a noob badminton player who likes to jump and hit the shuttlecock! but unfortunately.........

Time flied too fast as i didnt noe the weather is changing..its getting cloudy outside and i didnt notice!then i new my parents are going to call me so i went to check my phone!OMG!25 missed calls?then my father ringed my phone..i answered and the first thing he said is 'whr the hell are u!!?@#$%^&*(@##@$%%' omg..then i answered ' badminton court?wht happened?' he said ' i dont the key because its inside the car!!i neeed keys to get my shoes bak..its still outside!!' then im like..shit...i quickly packed my things then i can see that Chee Yang's getting dulan lo..i gave him 10 bucks and tell him to pay for me..i quickly cycled bak to the house..really really its starting to rain..soaked myself under the rain and then suddenly..theres this stupid car that nearly banged me..thank god that i did not get banged!!then continue cycling..its really a long journey!!as im trying to cycle as fast as i could..i didnt wan to get banged again or get scoldings from my dad!

when i reached home..i looked at the clock..and i used like quite some time to reach home...5 minuteS?quite fast though..hah...thank god i chose to cycle instead of walking? dad is terrifying me..didnt noe he got that temper!lols..
but i noe..!he scolded me because of 2 reasons!

1:Because he cares about me
2:Because he loves me..!!

hope my bad luck runs out!

-fusion of black&white
12:51 AM


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