thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, September 29, 2009 ; at 6:33 PM
OMFG! i bucking faint today morning..==
didnt know how i long i fainted..
i only know i woke up when mum knocked the door scolding me why DIDNT U GO TO SCHOOL?
craps. == well.. nobody is going to bliv that i fainted.
cause there's no alibi. ==
whateva.. its the 2nd time i fainted..
1st time was short..
2nd time was today.. quite long gua ==

i'm like gonna bucking make myself study..
theres only bucking 3 weeks ==
kevin arh.. go and bucking study lar.. ><

lolx.. met a new friend (blogger) thru Blurking's blog.
her name is Tze Ching. if i'm not mistaken ==
notice all the bucking's?
its actually fucking's. just replace the F with the B.
so it sounds nicer LOL ==

-fusion of black&white
6:33 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, September 28, 2009 ; at 6:57 PM
yesterday. it wasnt a good day for me at school although we had jokes and laughters..
addmaths. bio. cant really do science subjects.
thats why i say i'm dead.
how am i gonna face up with my exam?
it's not tests anymore.

studied till 4a.m yesterday.
well. skipped school today.
i studied from10pm till 4 a.m
yet i still dont really understand addmath bio chemistry and physics.
i still left 3 weeks until final exam.
don't really hope much for the results.
just wanna do better than before.

tears really came off. FUCK IM A GUY. WHY AM I CRYING!
>_____< just 3 drops of it.
and continued to study.
i think i need a tutor who can spam my subjects fast.
just the science subjects. others i think i can cover up by myself.
come to think of it. blogging is the only way i can express my feelings.
not my friends. not my family.
cause i didnt even gave effort in studying.
i gave effort in other useless shits.
sports? love? internet?

ill need to ask my mum to withdraw some money from my bank.
so that i can find a tutor and teach me..
enough using my parents money.
wake up Kevin.
gambateh kudasai.

-fusion of black&white
6:57 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Friday, September 25, 2009 ; at 8:34 AM
LOLX.. this holiday is so sien ><
study also sien ><
yesterday 24th went out wif kuan hoong and wei liang lo..
go meet kuan hoong's gf LOL.. they are so funnnny~~
well.. got 3 pictures la when we were in the car .
but wait till i get the pics first only ill upload =)

then today.. 25th of September 2009 =='
mum woke me up at 8.30 and i'm like so blur.. i went back to sleep..
then 9am i woke up again then join them for badminton..
after that >< went home and rested xp
mum cooked korean instant noodles with vegetables and eggs =)
then i went back to my bedroom and text with her =)
then text text text.. fell asleep xp sorry hor..
thats why I slow reply u :P after that.

logged in facebook and see see see ++
then msn too using ipod xp
his pm stating that ' who wants to play badminton '
then i ask and joined xp badminton?
siao.. twice a day xp then played lo..
think i got improve dao my badminton skills la.. ><
a little bit larrrr...~
after that went yumcha with LCY xp
he ordered two cups of Teh-O-Ais Limau..
i ordered two cups of Limau Ais and a cup of Teh-O-Ais Limau
& roti kosong
xp then we chatted lo.. FEELS SO GOOD!
damn long din chat with him ad =)
took a picture of him with my 'new phone'

he actually pushed the limau's seed into the straw..
then we paid and cycled home xp
he brought the straw and the seeds home.
and TANAM-ED it.. wtf ==
lets see will it grow xp

thats all ba.. =)

-fusion of black&white
8:34 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 ; at 4:39 AM
lolx.. this is me ==
well obviously its me.. copy a word from tiff~ DAMN NOOB RITE xp

haha.. went dimsum today with parents at KL~
ate curry noodles and variety of dimsum.. full ><
aiyo.. want text her gerh.. mana tau left 15 cents.
so can only text her 15 times ><
reach home liao straight online with IPOD~
then chat wif her lo.. chat till halfway..
fell asleep until NOW ==
damn tired .___.

i'm ALONE again >.<

-fusion of black&white
4:39 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Sunday, September 20, 2009 ; at 5:17 AM

picture of the day lolx >.<

lols.. i think im gonna start crapping now >.<
okay.. sometime i think that my friends are getting lesser..
didnt know why.. mayb not lesser. just not as close as last time..
is it? hmmm..
the feel sucks to the max..
i know i didnt really stick with u guys when i have a gf..
but that does not make me..something called..
'zhong shi qing you'.
i still care about u guys.. its just that i pay more attention to my gal..
friends could be forever but..
couple have the lowest chance to be together forever unless..
u guys are fated together rite?

well.. i didnt do my part as a friend..
so.. crapp.. am i even confessing?
sorry =)

-fusion of black&white
5:17 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 ; at 12:21 AM
lolx! sometimes school life rocks =x
why? lolx.. cause student's keep bringing what they are not supposed to bring to school.
for example..
we usually bring phone to school lolx..
then? mp3 player.? then ipod?
then ipod touch? what else we broughT?
we even brought cards to school ==
that day Kent brought his Bicycle deck just to train his skills.
well i brought mine too xp
then Noel came and said.. LETS PLAY BIG2!
incase u guys dunno what i mean.. it means ( cho dai di )

lolx~ this is Noel.. some kind of the organizer
of this game lolx

this is Chee Yang == lolx.. like kaki judi~

our cards ==

then me LOLX! teacher saw us playing but she didnt say anything also..
cause the first sentence we said is.. CIKGU TAK BOLEH MAIN..
XD cause ia berdosa for Islamic's xp
well.. Kent's pic is unavailable here as he said..
DONT TAKE MY PICTURE. so i didnt lolx~

another school day..
your not alone

-fusion of black&white
12:21 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, September 14, 2009 ; at 6:44 AM
yeah.. saw a singer named Chen Wei Lian that day during T music Festival.
he is so darn good.. tears eventually just fell apart.
his blind.. but he just sung on the stage..
and played guitar.. goosebumps everywhere ><
he is so good.. wish i had a chance to work on a song..
thinking too much haha~

i've been thinking. lolx.
there's so many people thinking about their finals?
and i'm not.. i'm even thinking about something else?
does it worth me thinking about u every fucking time?

god help me ..
give me some kind of determination to get me in the path i want ==
fucks ! life just suckx ==

-fusion of black&white
6:44 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Sunday, September 13, 2009 ; at 5:05 AM

yeah.. went to T music festival yesterday~
i wear until like damn yeng then go there and the ticket. WTF!
its in outdoor. == its like so hot!
yeah.. and the performance.. lolx..
it's not bad.. but until halfway..
the whol stadium blackout and its like WTF again!
dunno wtf explode la.. ==
haha~ then blackout for 45 minutes ==
whateva it is.. after my bro performed then we chiao-ed.
my parent went genting then me and my sis went to her friends house for seafood ==
imagine.. 12a.m eat seafood ==
then 4 o'clock reach home and sleep.. so tired==

-fusion of black&white
5:05 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
; at 4:19 AM

well.. its been so long since i've blogged about a person xD
so today im gonna blog about my dar xp
dun misunderstand la hehe.. just a nickname for her..
she's a friend =) normal friend~
her name is Tiffany =)
have another nick for her as well~ sha zhu xp.
cute rite?~ she's single as well!
boys! if u want her number.. come and ask from me xp
she's only 14 xp she looks like 18 wtf ==
haha~ tiffany & co.~
a very manja kid also xp~
but she hates to 'deh' people. i mean she dunno how xp
she calls herself a dummy~ but she's not.. believe me~
she plays piano too =)
cool rite?

p/s: dun worry tiff~ i will not give ur number to anyone =p

-fusion of black&white
4:19 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Friday, September 11, 2009 ; at 10:43 PM
now u wanna be free.
so i'm letting u fly.

did i do the rite thing? =x

-fusion of black&white
10:43 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
; at 4:30 AM
wo dui ni de ai bi wu di dong hai yao shen.
zhen me neng gou yao wo wang ji ni.
ni shuo ni hai ai wo.
zhen de ma?

rang wo men bi shang yen jing.
hao hao de ling ting zhi ji de xin.

-fusion of black&white
4:30 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 ; at 5:36 AM
it's kinda stupid day today. >.<
i felt dizzy at school and fainted ==
wtf. guess i didnt had enough sleeping.
so i tapao-ed food for my mum and dad and me and my sis.
cause my parents are sick. so. i just tapao-ed.
then had my lunch and slept GAO GAO!
slept from 1.30 to 6.25 ==

one more thing..
i know my eyes are small!
dont be that mean and call me SMALL EYES!
p/s: but i like people calling me that xD cause im proud to be

skipped tuition =)
and im now facebook-ing and blogging and mapling >.<


-fusion of black&white
5:36 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, September 8, 2009 ; at 4:28 AM

have to go through everyday with the same routine.
my eyes are actually more sepet-er than the sepet's ==
its so small.
yeah.. i still miss u =x

-fusion of black&white
4:28 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
; at 2:47 AM

a video i found on youtube =)
not bad !

-fusion of black&white
2:47 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, September 7, 2009 ; at 1:17 AM

lols. the picture of the day haha~
a guy in PINK!
yeah. changing my blog's tittle =)
take note yeah bloggers~

-fusion of black&white
1:17 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, September 5, 2009 ; at 8:34 AM

a whole day out at KL.!
not bad =)
exhausted. tired. enjoyed.
missed. you.!

- nite -

-fusion of black&white
8:34 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Friday, September 4, 2009 ; at 10:51 AM
yeah.. went to Bangkok Jazz just now with my parents..
for what? too watch my bro sing =)
its been so long since i watched him sing ^^
yeah.. theres not much audience but.
hehe.! yes. he shined on the stage~ enjoyed his show =)

haha~ a picture of him. before going on the stage =)
lols.. this is what i wore tonight >.<
act cute pose.. haha~
not bad. ( perasan )
okay~ its around 2a.m now?
just reached home btw~
okay.. ill continue my movie's xD


-fusion of black&white
10:51 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
; at 3:31 AM
will a kiss heal everything?
thinking too much

-fusion of black&white
3:31 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, September 2, 2009 ; at 10:26 AM
just watched movie's in my bro's laptop.
which is 17. again.
it is a great movie!

somehow still relates me to her.
i know. I'm stupid.
just a fool. nothing much but an ordinary boy.
i have no talents. i'm not good in studies.
i'm nothing.

it's all coming back to me.
memories. the day we chose to walk different paths.
u me . separated.
the minute u made me say. fen shou.
the minute i said i would make u my bestfriend ever.
no. i realize now i cant do that.

if i would to be bestfriends with u.
i would be jealous to c u with other guys.
i will act that my life is good without you.
i will even find a girl just to tell u i'm moving on.
i will be lost. just like in a stranded land.

started to think that is it a mistake to change for u.
is it a mistake to treat u as the most valuable person in my life?
is it a mistake to think that i still have a chance.?
everything is still too late.

i really wish we never started.

179? forget it , Kevin.


-fusion of black&white
10:26 AM


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