thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, August 31, 2009 ; at 8:02 AM
my old hairstyle ==

lols~ my new hairstyle == cant see rite?
cause i wear cap xD

sien.. tomorrow start school xD
so boring~
gor came back this afternoon~ haha~
ok la.. play dota then go sleep xD

- nite -

-fusion of black&white
8:02 AM

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Sunday, August 30, 2009 ; at 11:02 AM
SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA kawan kawanku!~
haha~ its been a long time since i cooked something and post it on my blog..
well.. what can i say?
Merdeka Eve this year is not as ' happening ' as last few years la~
its bored..
i kinda felt lonely.. since my parents are out..
even my sis is out.. leaving me alone in da house..
yeah.. i felt lonely.. real lonely..
even me who wants to play computer so badly.. just touched the comp for a few minutes..
i felt BORED!

yet i signed on my msn.. nobody find me and chat.~
when i checked my phone.. nobody sms me..
so cham T.T
haix~ what to do..
i'm single now.. ==
hate this status!
whateva it is.. i still pampered myself with my cooking =)

- nites -

-fusion of black&white
11:02 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, August 29, 2009 ; at 7:20 AM

alright.. gonna do something funny today..
as u see in the picture above~
its me and MJ~
today is his birthday =)
gonna wish him..

-fusion of black&white
7:20 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 ; 26.08.09 at 7:26 AM
lols yeah~ went to timesquare today with friends =)
its actually Kuan Hong's birthday today ^^
happy birthday!
we played roller coasters.. like 360 degree's~
alot alot of games..~ real dizzy T.T
still took a few pictures but.. they didnt sent me. will update sooner =)
some pictures here~

from left~ me , ah yao and Birthday Boy~

me and ling~

Vincent.~ Ban cool =.=

frederick xD

this is my pose =.=
on the way home xD
had alot of fun =)
did alot of crazy things with them that i never tried before @@
will update soon =)

- nite -

-fusion of black&white
7:26 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
; 25.08.09 at 7:14 AM
lols~ YESTERDAY.. bought a deck of cards~ lols..~
sort of show off the skills i have la (easy skills).. enjoy the pictures lol xD

haha~ thumb fan~
wan act cute summore xD

hehe! another thumb fan~ but the size is smaller =) cute rite~

one handed fan xD
lols..~ really easy skills lar ^^

-fusion of black&white
7:14 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, August 24, 2009 ; at 8:25 AM
been thinking about a question~
still a stupid question..
GIRLS at this century chooses bf above what reason?
A) Leng Zai Face
B) Straight A student
C) Have a Kind heart
D) Talented
E) A good BF
F) Rich BF

lols.. -.-
this is actually a poll~
please vote lols.. at my c-box la..~

i think ah.. should be A gua.. or E lols~

i think im.. C =.= kind hearted lols.. wtf

this is actually how im entertaining myself through out Holidays =.=
sien~ remember to vote~

- nites -

p/s: i actually added another option xD which is F.~ think about it =)

-fusion of black&white
8:25 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Friday, August 21, 2009 ; 22nd of August 2009 at 10:24 PM
today is the 18th day we are apart..
also the first day of holiday!
it started of boring..
nobody at msn wants to chat with me..
but god did blessed me =)
it started raining!
i love rainy days.. makes all those sweet and sad memories flashing through my mind..

i remember the first time we talked..
i remember the first time we kiss..
i remember how i hurt u..
i remember what we did together..
i remember us sms-ing in school..
i remember me singing my brother's song to u on stage..
i remember ur cute little face being jealous..
i remember myself getting jealous too..
i remember ur angry face..
i remember i got angry above a small thing..
i remember me doing something for real for the first time in my life..
i remember me singing the song i wrote to u in msn..
i remember me making a card to u during ur birthday..
i remember me registered digi to sms with u..
i remember our song...
i remember the first day we couple..
i remember we chatted on phone..
i remember me begging u to take a picture with me..
i remember the first time ever i registered for tuition just for a girl..
i remember we hugged in school..
i remember we had lunch together..
i remember i ordered mcD for u..
i remember i ran to the supermarket to find u gloves..
i remember we MMS-ed each other..
i remember the first picture u edited..
i remember we had our first recess in school..
i remember i joined for KRS/QM tugas.. just to c u compete in Bola Baling Competition..
i remember our tears falling apart..
i remember i accompanied u in school..
i remembered i scolded u.. im sorry..
i remember me organizing the first party ever.. for u!
i remember me picking up our 2nd couple ring..
i remember me trying to cheer u up..
i remember u r sad..
i remembered u cry because of me..
i remember me.. breaking alot of promises..
i remember the last day we are together..
i remember the last word u said..
i remember the last sentence i said..
i remember i promised..
i remember i promised i'll love u forever..that is going to happen..
i remember.. we loved each other..


if i were to say all those ' i remember '.
i wouldnt finish writing in a few nights..
theres hundreds of it.. perhaps thousands..

just because im scared to lose you..
i did alot of things to get ur attention..
just because i loved u..
i sms-ed u.. i called u.. i scold u.. i shouted at u..
just because i know that u hated it..
i lied to u..
just because i know u need freedom..
i let u go.. u flew away..
just because i still love u..
i cant treat u as a friend.. a best friend? or a stranger..
it hurts.. it really hurts..

theres alot of things we didnt do together too..
I'm sure we had alot of things in common..
just that it needs abit of polish.. just a little bit..
im sure we will make a good couple..

i know it wouldnt happen..
i know u wont giv me a chance..
but yet i really still hope for the best..
im sorry.. bie

- kevin -

-fusion of black&white
10:24 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, August 17, 2009 ; at 2:31 AM
once again i fell in love with this song..
妥協 by Jolin.
haha~ its been a very very long time since ive updated my blog.. (seriously)
today.. im gonna blog.. for fun xD


-fusion of black&white
2:31 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Thursday, August 13, 2009 ; at 11:42 PM
people flirt with u..
i jealous T___T
haix~ what to do =(

-fusion of black&white
11:42 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, August 8, 2009 ; at 1:55 AM
as u guys can c.. this is picture.. =.=
ben send me the link yesterday through msn and said to me..
look at ur yeng-ness before u crack ur ankle..
LOL! not bad not bad >.<
still hate my ankle.. =(

i still love you..

-fusion of black&white
1:55 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Thursday, August 6, 2009 ; at 10:22 PM
也許你已經放棄我 。。

也許已經很難回頭 。。

我知道自己錯過 。。

就算沒有結果 。。

我也能夠隨 。。

我知道你的痛是我給的承諾 。。

sorry.. 我要陪你一直走到最後!

能不能原諒我 ?

爱你 。。wrong words?

-fusion of black&white
10:22 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, August 1, 2009 ; Therapy at 3:45 AM
first of all.. today i went for therapy at Subang wif my sister ^^
haha.. notice the picture below?

yes.. its the therapy xD see my ankle? wif the blue pack?
its actually an ice pack -.-
and notice the wires hanging around my ankle..
its actually connected to the machine~ kena electric shock T__T
cold T.T
lol~ took pictures with sis~

lol~ my sister with dunno what pose xD

haha.. me wif my pose.. and notice the ring =.=
girly sia~

sis and me xD wif our pose -.-

well anyways.. after the therapy~
we went to drive-thru at subang jaya..~
my sister is like.. its actually 2.45 =.=
we ordered alot of things that only costs us RM28.75 =.=
went home~ enjoyed our meal wif mummy~

-fusion of black&white
3:45 AM


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