thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 ; at 8:27 PM

yeah. did a lame magic in the vid above xD
hope u guys like it lar. ^^
ignore my retarded face and just enjoy xD
comments and critics are allowed in my c-box ^^

besides that. bii helped me with my blog's new skin =)
nice oh!~ super nice lo i think =) gosh. she did it like in one day only.
day and night non-stop. awww. got to pamper her someday ^^
thanks again bii =)

sort of bored these days. facebook and msn only.
not even online games >< still enjoyed chatting and texting with her.
im performing in a band in a concert xD first time.
of course. piano >< hmmm.

02.12.2009 is a important date

-fusion of black&white
8:27 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Sunday, November 22, 2009 ; at 9:21 PM
lets talk bout what happened during Saturday xD
yeah. went for piano audition at Summit =)
i was so nervous. afterall this is my first piano audition. LOL.
audition for performing at the auditorium at Summit i think ><
well. i went there and i took my number. LOL. lucky number 7 i told my bii xD
then i practice my piece. which is a very simple piece. its a swing =)
LOLs. == then went into the audition room lor. greeted the judges. introduced myself.
then played lo. play d. then. the main judge i think. sort of gave me a compliment =)
said that i have a good tempo >< nah. played 1 or 2 wrong notes. damn~~
could have done better =) after the audition the went to Pyramid and walk walk.
gosh i was tired ><

Lucky Number 7 xD

okay. next. what i did yesterday , Sunday.
nothing much. stayed at home. felt bored. parents went genting.
so i went out for basketball =0 gosh. superman everywhere.
like i think they have 190cm == gosh. i got block a tall guy lar.
but he still scored after i block. im like WTF? gosh. sien.
played 2 on 2 lo. me and kuan hoong. fred and teddy ><
we won lo. but kuan hoong scored more =) his speed is like.
fast == not much people can block him. pro pro. then we won lo.
fred and teddy have to treat us minum xD

its like wtf == pembakaran terbuka. summore burn till so shuang.
nowander keep on raining these days. ><
nah. update jor lo bii~ =)

-fusion of black&white
9:21 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, November 18, 2009 ; at 1:56 AM

anyone taste before this thing called Hot Roll?
i think it is called hot roll. it is available at Summit Subang
and Sunway Pyramid =) now. im gonna teach u how to make it. xD
first prepare the ingredients as shown in the picture below =)

1ST)see the white thing? it is called paratha. available at Giant or markets =)
  1. paratha.
  2. the white bottle (mayonnaise)
  3. Ham? haha.
  4. cheeeseeeeeeee ><
  5. onion =0
p/s : u can add anything u want because it might be more delicious =)

2ND) now , heat the frying pan =) pour a little bit of oil and heat it up!

3RD) after heating it up , place the 'paratha' , the first ingredient? onto the frying pan. then turn it over approximately 30 seconds. then repeat for 5-6 times. then.

4TH) place the ham onto position. then the cheeese? and then. onion =) mayonnaise and chili/tomato =D trying adding put more onion. its good for health ^^

5TH) heat it up for a bit. then wrap it up like that =) well. my first time doing it. but it was a success :D taste good xD delicious =)

here. a picture of the paratha >< for more information. visit
not promoting larh =) but try it =)

-fusion of black&white
1:56 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Sunday, November 15, 2009 ; at 6:50 AM
took this on the way to genting xD watched encore concert yesterday =)
my bro was one of the guest artist =) he was shining out there yea.
guess that his popularity is getting better =) famous in other words ^^
well. was too tired so i slept like from 2.30am to 1pm. then from 5pm slept till 9pm ==
later have to sleep again. sien lo. ok lar. continue FB sin xD

-fusion of black&white
6:50 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Friday, November 13, 2009 ; at 6:55 AM

OH YEAH. watched 2012 at summit yesterday =) was like finding tickets with my bro the whole day. can say so X) went to pyramid first and we did queue up for 2 times. and we ended up going home empty handed. then we tried purchasing tickets online. we tried alot of places. even ipoh's cinema is full. xD then we decided to try our luck at summit~ then off we go lo. waited for the reservations to release xD we did some trick and hell yeah.. we got the tickets! wooohoooo~

my brother showing off his ticket. it's like. YAY WE GOT THE TICKETS XD
like showing off to those that are queue-ing up xD omg.
but then. the movie is super duper awesome lar. i wonder will we really die?
i mean at 21st of december 2012 xD if its really gonna happen.
i think i should fly to africa. xD since they said it didnt affect at africa xD
but. hope i wouldnt happen lar =) please watch the movie =) then u know what i feel xD

oklar. sienz. wan sleep ad. nite

-fusion of black&white
6:55 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, November 10, 2009 ; at 11:48 PM
exam's over =) kinda relieved lar. thinkin bout what to do next.
work or lepak? hmmm. nothing much to blog about.
Xiu Mei's smile today very 'can lan' xD so funnnnyy~~
haha. boredddd ><><
so tired larrrrrrrr. sorrry bii >< i love u =)

random-ness. potong ice-cream =)

-fusion of black&white
11:48 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, November 7, 2009 ; at 9:16 PM
just thought of posting a post just now.
since i think that it was too emo. might as well i just delete it ><
hmmm. 7 subjects down and 2 more. which is bio and physics.
physics should be okay since i did put a little bit of effort.
but bio. i cant guarantee anything cause i really suck at it. @@

hmm. what to do during holiday?
work? my primary school teacher asked me to sing for carol's during december.
its like during weekends. friday sat and sunday. and its at k.l pavillion.
hmmm. price.? 1 day 2 hours. 1 month 4 weekends. 4 X 3 days = 12 days.
12 days X 2 hours = 24 hours. payment? around 600~700 for 24hours?
he said that his working on the payment. i have no idea if i wanna go.
but i wanna buy alot of things. wishlist. alot.

my wishlists :
thats all ba? my birthday's coming. xD
anyone mind to get me anything from above? dont think so.
lonely birthday =) luckily i have my family xD

what else?
well. been doing some crazy skills today during basketball.
LOL. first time i fake so many times then i shoot. masuk pulak xD
still lost. imbalance team vs balance team.
imbalance team:19
balance team:21
-2nd game-

imbalance team: 18
balance team: 21
-1st game-

both also last ball. both also my fault i think ><
sorry friends. >< well. will improve during holidays =)

a plain post just with words.


-fusion of black&white
9:16 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 ; at 6:00 AM
LOLS. after math exam at school. walked home.
then get ready. to sleep. mana tau. they wan go play bowling.
Mummy , Me and Gor. haha~ so we went to Summit lo.
since its happy hour there. and i have student price.
so it's hell cheaper than other places =)

so on the way there. we actually saw an accident.
just right infront of our eyes. BANG.
the motorcyclist flew. and his motor too. actually its his fault.
to bang the car == gosh. the fella cannot move sia. so cham.
haix. dunno what can i do. but to move onto bownling.
felt bad >< but. what to do neh? T.T

our score. down here xD

K is me. and A is my mum xD
i scored 158. my mum scored 105 =)

my bro's score =) 128 ^^ all went well except for the last game ><
played like shyt. no strength at all ><
haix~ its okay =) its been 2 to 3 years since i lay my hands on it.
to think of it. i have a bowling coach =) and my highest score was. 238?
if im not mistaken lar. so low ><

after bowling. mum went to ACE Hardware for shopping.
lolx. me and bro went to the game shop.
bought another controller for PS3. then a game.
STREET FIGHTER IV. =) used 300 bucks @@ expensive.
then we headed to this McDonald for icecream xD i had chocotop.
my bro chose the Mcflurry =) then i took a video of his 'magic' xD
check it out~

LOL. quite funny lurh xD
this post is on TUESDAY , 3rd of November 2009.
will update bout 4th of November 2009 sometime =)

- nite -

-fusion of black&white
6:00 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Sunday, November 1, 2009 ; at 9:38 PM
yeah. today is a very very special day =)
me and bii date for a month le ^^~
happy till fly lurhx xD she called me yesterday.
sort of guilty cause i forgotten that today we date for a month le. =x
sorry bii =) chatted for quite a long time larh.. yeah..
sang a few songs LOL! a song that she said nice.?
I cant live if living is without you by Mariah Carey.
well. will try to provide u happy-ness and safety-ness.
an quan gan. love u bii =) then also sang i'm yours.
which is quite accurate xD i'm so damn yours bii~

hmmmm~ sejarah is freaking hard T_T
paper 1 is okay =) but paper 2 is opposite =(
couldnt really do structure questions.
can barely write those 3 essays too =x
well. cannot say anything lo. studied. but cannot remember ><
cannot absorb nor dissolve =x okay lurh. study math >.<

. i'm always thinkin of you girl .

-fusion of black&white
9:38 PM


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