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Tuesday, October 21, 2008 ; My New Blog at 8:32 AM
bwhahahaha.. i made a new blog.. so.. u guys can check it out!!
i have the link at my blog.. and its tittle is 'My Life' so check it out!
leave ur message at the cbox..hehe =)

heres the url lar..

or simply just click the link below

  • My Life

  • stay tuned =)

    - Kevin -

    -fusion of black&white
    8:32 AM

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    Sunday, October 19, 2008 ; Trips at 10:04 PM
    well.. there is this trip to the stadium ytd that is offered by the teachers.. everything is free =) so i went to school with chee yang.. then waited for the bus.. KNS! waited for 2 hours.. then the bus only reach.. after that.. we went in to the bus lor.. and went straight to the stadium.. its a festival in the stadium lo.. global peace wor.. hehehe.. ade danell lee.. ade jaclyn victor.. alot lar.. i was wondering if i can see my primary friends there.. too bad... i tak tersempak dengan mereka langsung.. it was nt bad... the festival.. theres breakdancing, cultural dancing, alot of stuffs la.. speeches.. deng~ now pichas.. hehe

    everybody in the bus XD

    chee yang =C

    me wif my dorky expression =X

    ooppsss =X i showed it again.. ter-showed =X

    the stadium =) urban grooves are dancing but i cant take a clearer picture due to my noob phone.. ==

    then the cultural dancing.. =.= beh pai beh pai =)

    the glowing thing we got free in the stadium.. hehe..

    then my ticket =) lame rite? bwahaha

    finnaly.. me and my friends =) not bad hor? all leng zai leng lui's =) i can intro if u want geh.. LOL.. i look funny in da picture anyways.. well.. THE END!

    im going to hong kong a few more days later.. so mayb i wont update my blog till i come bak from hong kong.. im going there for a weekk.. the only thing in my mind now is.. DISNEYLAND! i didnt go there before.. so.. i mayb a little childish here.. hehe =) who wants some prezzies then tell me lar =]

    -fusion of black&white
    10:04 PM

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    Thursday, October 16, 2008 ; A Link at 6:48 AM
    bwahaha... i found a really nice link.. but.. i really advice u guys not to click
    it.. well.. wateva~


    well.. enjoy the link lar.. checked my History Paper yesterday using the 1st class top student genius de paper.. His name is Yong Bang Xiang.. i scored like around 41 questions correct.. but i still dont noe if i can get A or not based on the answers i scored..
    I totally screwed up for the science paper.. i lost like around 10 marks for paper 2 and 9 marks for paper 1 eh.. im so GG =X..
    how about english? english i think i may score abit high la.. can get A gua.. i screwed my BM paper 1.. deng~ BM paper 2 is ok! hehe! hard to say lo PMR! anyways.. tomorrow is GEOGRAPHY.. So im gonna study till late night tonight.. after tomorrow im FREE!

    wish me luck =)

    bye peepss ^^

    -fusion of black&white
    6:48 AM

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    Wednesday, October 15, 2008 ; PMR SUCKS! at 10:29 PM
    haha.. as far as i noe.. pmr sucks to the max.. i dont even nnoe why the hell is the government doing this to us?! some reasons for why i say PMR suck:

    1) because some is easy..some is hard like hell
    2) i cant sleep during the night! keep on thinking about the results
    3) its like 5 days? when they can finish it in 3 days? i dont mind if i have to stay
    at school until 6?
    4) pimples popped up because i slept late
    5) keep on stressing!(this could cause depression >.<)

    haha.. well.. all this things ive said.. it occured on me!
    whtever la.. 1 more day to go!! then im freeeee~
    took some pictures during the PMR week.. i took it when im dead tired but it dont look like it at all! lets cut the crap and start looking at the pichas~ =X

    after washing my face at the toilet..i decided to take a picha

    then.. i feel like snaping another picha.. so i chose this style! kiss kiss!

    ahaha.. still nt enuf kissing.. now i wanna kiss my science book! *mwahhhx*

    my table! i love it.. it accompanied me thru PMR! haha.. but havent clean yet.. =.=
    and theres this.. may i present this song.. Always Be My Baby by David Cook!
    i found out this song from my sista! its really nice so i decided to share wif ya'all! it accompanied me too! i listen to it.. whenever i am.. where ever i am! haha! enjoy~ =)

    Free Music

    Free Music

    i love this part of the lyrics.. when he sang
    " so u wanna be free , so im letting u fly "

    -fusion of black&white
    10:29 PM

    thy rutted music, filled with sync;
    ; my day! at 10:28 AM
    didnt blog for a few days ad ler.. lets talk about PMR! hahaha..

    Science - Not Bad
    Math - Easy
    BM - paper 1 normal paper 2 easy
    English - Easy
    Sejarah - Not Bad
    KHB - tomorrow
    Geography - the day after tomorrow ( can score gua =X )

    well.. every year's standards are different.. so we dont noe wht gonna happen.. i heard people saying that theres different standards in different paper.. thats wht i heard la.. lets see =X :

    Science 65~70 ( A )
    Math 60~65 ( A )
    BM 70~75 ( A)
    English 65~70 (A)
    Sejarah.. i dont noe.. bt if im nt mistaken..around 65~75 ( A ) >.<
    KHB ( 35 questions correct then A )
    Geography 70~75 ( A )
    Chinese ( my friend says paper two write over 700 words then roughly can get A wor =X )
    Tamil ( i have no idea ^^ )

    bwahahahah... i dont noe if i can score good results for my PMR.. but im sure ill try my best to cope wif it!

    my wishlist for this the next 2 days :-

    score A for geography and KHB
    sleep tight
    sweet dreams
    end the final test happily
    flying colours in PMR
    remember every single facts about geography

    Hope my wish will become true =)
    its not too much >.<
    just 6 wishes ..
    well.. readin time again =.=

    - chiaoz -

    -fusion of black&white
    10:28 AM

    thy rutted music, filled with sync;
    Monday, October 13, 2008 ; IM geting FAMOUS! at 10:40 AM
    at first.. somebody took my picture at melbourne.. somehow they made it into posters..

    and then.. theres this agent from TopShop.. came and asked me," Sir, Can i take u posters and put it on the buildings?" i was like.. okok.. since im wearing their suit.. they seriously used it on a building..

    and then..topshop's business became very good.. then they started posting my posters on websites.... cars.. buildings.. and this is a larger building.. gosh im impressed..

    now even David Beckham is a fan of mine.. he made a tattoo of me and used me as a wallpaper for his cellphone.. =X

    well.. its not too bad being famous.. i got quite rich and bought a mini-cooper.. i did some decals on the car.. bwaahahaha..

    then in de end.. this two fans followed me everywhere i go.. so i made them to take posters and me.. finally.. these hot chicks became famous too! bwaahaha..

    ------------------the end---------------------------

    well..i had fun doing this.. today is the first day of PMR.. the first paper was BM Paper 1.. its really quite hard.. but i think i still can score lar.. paper 2 was easy.. not bad for the first day.. tomorrow is English And Science.. hope that ill get good results for it too! i noe i can do it!

    - Kevin -

    -fusion of black&white
    10:40 AM

    thy rutted music, filled with sync;
    Sunday, October 12, 2008 ; 80th Post at 12:09 AM
    well.. this is my 80th post in this blog.. too many memories and posts..
    unexpectedly im gonna blog about PMR on my 80th post.. tomorrow is PMR and now im currently freaked out.. i woke up at 12.30 today and ended up buying pencils and pens at a stationary shop nearby my house.. my dad woke me up and sent me there.. i spent like rm40+ on that.. i didnt noe its that expensive.. mayb its because of the gel-pens..(pilot g2 0.5 dark & blue) bwahha.. anyways.. is mechanical pencils allowed in PMR?
    tomorrow is the first paper of PMR! the first and im freaking out.. imagine wht am i gonna do when i face sejarah paper.. damn! its BM! im really afraid of those questions in objective.. im really terrified.. coz i only scored 20+ for objective! i suck at it! wht to do? im just gonna sit down and do my science and math and pray for god.! pray that all those questions would be easy.. pray that ill be a genius in no time.. pray that ill have good results.. pray that ill end up in sciencestream next year.. pray that im PMR is gonna end in split seconds =X ! haha..

    anyways.. im sure that all form 3 students are READY FOR IT! including me.. im ready but im still quite nervous.. PMR! come and get me~ haha.. im gonna make my last revision today.. hope that i can wake up in da morning and not be late..! ALL THE BEST TO ALL FORM 3's!

    - chiaozz -

    -fusion of black&white
    12:09 AM

    thy rutted music, filled with sync;
    Friday, October 10, 2008 ; stressedd at 11:18 PM
    ive been a little bit overstressed these days.. i studied the whole syllabus like ive never been.. studied till late night.. im pretty sure that i had never did these in my whole friggin life.. NOW 2 more days.. and its PMR! the real stuff out thr.. the second most important exam in my life.. to get in science stream.. i really have to study the hell out of me.. and yet.. theres 2 days.. so much to do yet so little time.. sighs.. i really hope that My math and science subject will end up in a pretty good results.. My english and my BM too.. although the objective in BM i only get to score like 20+ in Trials.. well.. SEJARAH is really getting on my nerves.. i have not faith in this subject at all.. i tried to understand and tried to make it as a story.. but i failed.. i have no time for this sejarah.. i better spam other subjects instead.. somebody pray for me.. or mayb give me some last tips.. or mayb ill just get to the field and get strucked by lightning.. mayb ill be a genius by tomorrow? haha.. joking joking..
    anyways.. theres 8 days and 10 hours to go.. and ill be free on that day..


    - outzz -

    -fusion of black&white
    11:18 PM

    thy rutted music, filled with sync;
    Tuesday, October 7, 2008 ; Sick Again! at 10:30 PM
    6th of october , Monday
    told chee yang that i was going to schoool coz have to read the science process skill stuff from form 1 to form think i was going..thought of wht topic can i blog too.. and then cooked tomyum nooodles for mum..she said she was ok..i cooked..she could nt finish the noodle and then just passed it to me..-.- damn i was unlucky.. i studied science till 3 am sambil online with my phone lo.. chatted wif SaiBao..-.- anyways.. i slept..

    7th of october, Tuesday
    i woke up around 6am coz i dont really feel good.. felt like vomitting.. ish! then i went to the toilet.. and puked.. took a picture too.. a really disgustin picture..its like stuffs from my intestine in the toilet bowll..LOL! i bet u guys wanna see it.. but dont puke ya..-.- my mum vomitted and had diarhhea too.. i think its because of the tomyum noodle we ate la.. sumthing like food poisoning so my dad took me to the doctor near my school.. and then the doctoc gave me some medicine lo.. He even asked me..'injection or medicine' ? haha..i answered ' medicine would be better' LOL! anyways..went straight back to the house and ate the medicine.. felt quite sleepy and slept lo.. slept the whole day! din study at all!at dad took me to another clinic as this morning's medicine did not work at all..=.= so this time..i was forced to have an injection.. on my left butt.. deng~ not bad..i can tahann.. haha.. then the next day

    woke up at 12.30..omg.!! i was okey now.. mum is gonna tapao food for me.! bwahhaha..finally.. GOOD FOOD! its the time for those disgusting pictures!! enjoy puking:-

    heres a link to the picture becoz its quite disgusting so i dont wan it on my blog..haha
  • Disgusting PICTURES!

  • -fusion of black&white
    10:30 PM

    thy rutted music, filled with sync;
    Sunday, October 5, 2008 ; Non stop! at 1:28 AM
    im gonna make my own tittle of this tag is..NON STOP!

    Rules & Regulations:
    introduce urself and list out the non-stops in ur daily rambling..=.=
    simply tag 10 people or more..

    Lists of Non-stops:-
    1)non-stop watching movie
    2)non-stop smsing
    3)non-stop studying
    4)non-stop thinking about pmr
    5)non-stop thinking about useless stuffs
    6)non-stop sleeping
    7)non-stop beatboxing
    8)non-stop shuffling
    9)non-stop singing
    10)non-stop body waving and popping..=.=

    1) Pui Yeng
    2) Cecilia
    3) MunTheng
    4) Lin Yong Bao(a bao that will never update her blog)
    5) Danica
    6) Ah Ying
    7) Nicole Mui Mui
    8) Pris
    9) Jessyln
    10)Anyone who wants to do this tag =)

    *********************the end*************************

    ish ish.. wht is wrong wif me... i should be studying!! not smsing or watching movie?
    wht is wrong wif me?deng~ im still in the middle of nowhere! hw..someboody..!
    TEACH ME THE BLOODY SEJARAH AND THE BLOODY SCIENCE! GOD DAMN IT!!!! sighs.. i am so freaking gonna get insane if i keep on thinking about this two subjects! somebody.. just.. help me.. or im gonna die dehydrating.. lack of knowledge(not water).. LOL..!anyways.. today is the last day of holiday.. tomorrow have to start.. studying.. science.. and sejarah.. or else..i dont think ill be able to score.. not to say A la.. B also tak boleh.. @#$^&###@#$%^&@@

    - kevin -
    (and most importantly..non-stop thinking about u)

    -fusion of black&white
    1:28 AM


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