thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, January 30, 2010 ; at 10:43 PM
wow. it's been a long long long time since i updated my blog? realized that ill start with this sentence everytime i write a post lately. hmm? dont think there will be readers already? hmmm. nothing much. school then tuition then homework then training. then next week? krs kawad training? awww.. so many things to do.. oh yea. and chinese society.. nothing much to say.. lazy to update also lar.. hmmM~ will update when im really free xD just a short post xD

-fusion of black&white
10:43 PM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, January 12, 2010 ; at 5:52 AM
plain post. school days? fine =) except for addmaths. makes me go @@ stupid de. well. been concentrating in class i guess. hope that i can absorb what teacher teaches. hmmm. i had a bad hairday today =.= combed my hair for 15 minutes and it still looks like shit =.= no choice. walk to school. then. first period. add math =.= blur blur. summore no fan. 2 days no fan d. hot like shit =.= fine. recess went looking for khee ming. our basketball coach =.= hope that i can attend to the training when i can la. god bless me please T___T

after school. accompanied Tiff to her house. but last minute we decided to hang out at the playground xD fuuu~ hot hot-nya~ then talked to her. watch her smile. even let her boom. it was fun though. really fun =) and i think i blushed =.= omg. just love her so much lar.~

esok leh? ada kelas tambahan. 1 hour leh T__T thursday also have.. everyweek also have =.= sienz. haix.. that's all ba.. just a plain post.

- Kevin -

-fusion of black&white
5:52 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, January 4, 2010 ; at 5:02 AM
first day of school? hmmm. wasn't too good nor bad. had quite a good seat but. i think my eyesight's getting worst? couldn't really see far things. its like blur for a bit. craps. gah. hate it. first day of school? Mr.Abu Bakar gave us a karangan to write. which is an informal letter. its a must to write 500 words and above. and the tittle is how we spent our holidays. not much point to write on. and my brain isn't working properly. i think it's still in holiday's mood xD feels good to stand outside my class's corridor and look down to the assembly hall. those people are so tiny xD i mean they look tiny xD its like. IM SENIOR! its my last year this year .___. gosh lol. time passes so damn fast. hate it? okay fine.

yeah.. based on the picture. u should know what happened to my forehead gua. LOL. everybody was like asking me. what happened to my forehead. == very shy to tell cause its all my own fault xD knocked on my tuition centre's door. fug -.- blood was dripping as soon as i knocked the door. its actually a scratch la. a very very deep scratch. hope it doesn't leave any scars on my forehead =( hahaahaa. after school. quickly find ah san and baoling xD cause we have a suprise party to attend. guess who's was it? yea.. CHAI YEN! miss TAY TARIK xD hahaha. i think our plan worked? hahaa.. not mine actually. it was hui ying and the gang xD my job is to be the cameraman xD had alot of fun talking and eating ^^

hope she like's my present =)

after all the laughters and fun. walked home accompanied by Vincent :D talked , crapped xD then rush home. took a nap. bathed. then? went for tuition =) B.M and AddMaths xD cool cool. learned linear law today. *yawns* tired-nya ><>.< banyak-nyaaaaaaaa.. aduiii~~~ bo bian. have to finish them. dont wanna bring up my lazyness again from previous years =) nites ^^

p/s: i know I didnt really update my blog eventhough i say i was gonna update == sorrry~ so. ill try to update everything when i have to time kay~ goodnite peeps. goodnite bii. i <3 u

-fusion of black&white
5:02 AM


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