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Saturday, March 27, 2010 ; at 12:56 AM
fuuu~ sportsday yesterday was quite awesome xD did enjoy the process and everything xD including tugas-ing and marching la of course =) yeah. guess what? we managed to beat PBSM ( YES! ) and Pandu Puteri ( nothing to be proud of ) xD well.. we did our best but there's still some minor mistakes lar ><' i did wrongly le ><' but its okay. we got the 3rd place =) happy happy~ then went to pizza hut xD and eat lor. had fun had fun ^^ siao de. want walk home again xD but i insist not to walk home. in the end i tumpang Ah Bung's car xD thanks ah bung >.<><>< nah~ enjoy the pictures. upload until sien xD

xD poh yee with the sepanduk xD and blurking xD

the commander xD his eyes ter-closed tim xD

Hafiq and Bang Xiang. Khee Wang emo-ing xD later you'll see a picture of him emo-ing xD

xD Kah yee and Kher yee xD

the situation xD waiting for the results xD

meanwhile we took some pictures xD lolx. Me with the juniors xD

the situation there again xD

Ban cool with wei xiong xD

zon bersih but. hell lots of rubbish =.=

lol. they finally reached seksyen 25 xD they walked from seksyen 20 to seksyen 25 i think xD

Chung Phern and Yi Hui xD

Tai Wee Kiat. wah. yeng yeng de pose xD

Rumah Satria's mascot xD the frog. Wei Xiong.
Squad , hormat , hormat ke hadapan , HORMAT!

not ready yet xD

so many pictures of this xD

Commander Yang and Poh Yee with the hamper xD

Bear bear with the hamper xD

Hamper xD

NAH!! this is the picture Khee Wang emo-ed xD
xD JUMP JUMP~ weeeeeee~ Yang , Me , Chung Phern and Bear xD

Pain pain xD next time cannot celebrate fathers day d T____T

LOL! wa-ter~~~ xD

is this what they call. 'DOU NIU'? xD sei Bear ah xD

AH HUH! another picture of khee wang emo-ing xD
dont kill me khee wang xD

Steven~~ xD

haha~ side view xD covering our. *ahem*

Ban cool xD Kevin , Chung Phern , Wee Kiat , Yang , Wei Xiong xD
Wee kiat says ' kua dian la. hen cou ah! ' xD my pinyin's not accurate. sorry la xD

side view. KRS members!
side view. krs members xD

hehe. xD Teck Seng , Jia Min , Kenrick , Chia , Me , Kher Yee , Kevin , Kah Yee , Hafiq , Chee Sin , Kai Xing , Gan , and Xiong xD

Yen Ming , Me and Bang Xiang. xD yen ming are u smiling or crying xD dont kill me xD

spot the odd xD

everyone gangbang Kenrick. Aluba him xD cause his late =.=

Bang Xiang , Wee Kiat(the one above him) and Me xD

Rumah Wira's mascot. guess whats this? AVATAR =.= is avatar even an animal? Ou Mai got =.=

our cameraman =) Kent with his bottle.

waiting for kawad ~

Front View KRS MEMBERS! =) laugh laugh~

after Competion xD fuu~ KRS members =)

KRS Members again =)

Me with the Hamper =)
3rd leh~ ^^
Me and Chung Phern =)

Me and Wee Kiat xD and Yi hui ^^

Front view xD *ahem*

hahaha. i sort of like this picture xD

look at me xD kenapa I angkat tangan? xD look at bear. man wor xD

lolx. finally with my mui =.= get to take picture with her only lor. all dont wan take =.= at pizza hut btw~

fuu~~~ finally done with the captions T___T type till hand pain pain ><' yeah. we had a great time this year during sports day. but i noticed the audience are getting lesser. the hampers are getting smaller == hope the juniors will get a better results next year la =) thats all ba ><

p/s: bii. dont cry ah =) next year try better noh~ <3 u =) *hugs*

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