thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 ; at 2:01 AM
Today? Wasn't a good day also I suppose.
'明天會更好'. This Quote? I've always been believing it. Always told people to believe it.
And I still do. Please tell me tomorrow will be a better day.

Rain? Can u go away? It's because of you everyone seem to be gloomy. and even moody..

Kevin. Signs off

-fusion of black&white
2:01 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Sunday, June 27, 2010 ; at 3:22 AM
next. a total post without any pictures. or smileys.

it's not a good day today. dont know why. somehow i'm down. she is too. maybe i said something wrong? i hate this kinda of feeling. go away.

The love for you,
Never seem to fade,
But obstacles in life,
Are always fated,
I can't predict nor control the future,
But I can guarantee my love for you.

I've did my best for you. And i'll try harder. I will not give up on this relationship as it is the best of all.
Baby, I love you and I'll always do. This post is dedicated to you and it will act as a promise from me to you.
This promise is not in black and white, or a contract, but i believe. Time will prove to you that. I'll make this promise happen.
Let the time prove it all. Let the past be the past. Let the future compensate the wrong's that I did.

You. Will. Always. Be. The. Only. One. In. My. Life.

A post , A promise , and official promise to you.

From: Kevin Lim.

-fusion of black&white
3:22 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
; at 3:08 AM
LOLX ! A post about yesterday's happening xD
alright. you guys sure do know i have a performance at my piano institute. walao eh. institute? nah. just a place to learn instruments (: well. the teachers say must reach before 5? i reached there like 3 pm = = waited till then. then went to the auditorium at summit. what? have to help out with the teachers. = = attention. look at the picture below.
wow.! nice rite? i stick de = = shouldnt be me doing that. ahem ahem.

whatever it is. since i have nothing to do. so i helped out lo. * i so kind * and. baby helped out me pulak (: she accompanied me the whole day. like text with me? i'm touched (: calmed me when i'm nervous. even sent a MMS to me as a support. i'm touched. really touched. thank you baby x)

next ! the concert's suppose to start at 7.30 but delayed 15 minutes. why? i remember what my teacher said , ''see la , malaysian memang like this. say 7.30 tapi now still no people. beh tahan''. funny funny ! then when it's my turn. i seriously calmed myself. but still nervous. i have no idea why i hunched my back = = walao eh. then sit down also hunch back. no confidence wei. bow-ed to the audience. the drummer hit the cue. then start ! weeeeeeeeee! thought it was okay. but mana tau. until the last 2 bars of the piece. !@#$%^&*() forget to play 3 notes !! F**K :( okay. luckily i didnt panic-ed but continued with it. fuuu~ so. overall. I SCREWED IT = = forget it. i dont know what to say. just gonna do better next year.

a picture of me. doing my pose again (: wore this shirt. (: after the concert. me , my mummy , my daddy , went to Taipan and have our supper = = daddy is like ' i wan laksa !! ' xD fine. had our supper at paparich xD i changed in the car. blardy hell. some aunty keep looking at me changing = = curious. not that i have good body shape = = after supper. went home. straight away lye down on my bed. phoned bii (: and had a good chat ! that's all bout yesterday ba (:

-fusion of black&white
3:08 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Thursday, June 24, 2010 ; Buckle up at 7:13 AM
wow. i think its my first time this year to blog a post with a title. not bad aye (:
buckle up? yea. it's time. talked with Mei Shawn today at class. figured out that i'm sort of a listener. people finds me for advices. ah huh ! thats right. advices (:

figured out that there isn't much time left. there's only like less than 6 weeks till trial exam. then less than 5 months till SPM. yes. the big thing. yea. i'm still getting shitty results. come on. i need to do something already.

there's something i need to do till then. my trial and SPM.
1. i'm gonna study my arse off. serious shit.
2. i'm gonna stay away from internet. well. mayb half an hour a day?
3. pay full attention in class and in tuition.
4. yet still enjoy my life.

well. this week? i can't really study. i dont know why. i feel tired every single day when i'm back from school. *yawns* i still can sleep like a pig at night. why is that even possible? next thing is i'm having my piano concert's rehearsal tomorrow. yet i'm not fully prepared. why? the drum and the guitar teacher increase the tempo and made repeatitions twice for my piece. i'm gonna play like. The fast and furious. -.- i'm scared. i'm nervous. i really am ): rehearsal's tomorrow. concerts on saturday night. open day at next week wednesday. chinese society programme coming soon also. even trials =x

just try to cope with it ba.

adioz !

-fusion of black&white
7:13 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 ; at 8:45 AM

nice picture aye? (: tiffany baby sent me this picture on the previous days (: quickly sent to my phone via bluetooth cause i think its awesome.! this picture featuring my right hand , and my baby's left hand xD no need to say la right? enough with the jokes *lame jokes* nobody will laugh for my jokes anymore xD hmmm ! this picture. i dunno edited by who. i only know that its my baby's friend.. hmm~ wonders xD should be someone i know gua.

' i'll hold your hands tightly.. and never let go '

that's exactly what i planned to do (: not some sweet talk. but its a serious matter. this has became one of my quotes of life (:

alright ! there isnt really much that i can say now. just sort of disappointed in my results. but i find i okay since i didnt really put much effort. try harder ba. open day is only a few days ahead. indeed a HECTIC year. Jiayou's everyone ! (: goodnite !

Kev&Tiff 4eva <3

-fusion of black&white
8:45 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, June 21, 2010 ; at 5:15 AM
Muahahah (: i have a new layout for my blog ! thanks to my sha zhu , Tiffany (:
seriously she's the best.! <3

How? my layout nice tak? nice lor ! especially the animation xD
super duper cute de lor (: summore hor + the post she posted using my account xD
awesome ! superb ! BRAVO (:

Today at school during assembly. was as bored as hell. why? cause the teachers syok sendiri go celebrate expired teachers day xD then En. Abu Bakar go read the thing. -.-'' dunno what is that xD i give face i listen cause his my teacher xD then next dunno what teacher xD also read long long passage zz. then. they sing. OMFG !!! me and yang is like. wanna laugh out but cant cause still have to respect abit. walao eh~ sibeh funny lor xD then add maths time. GG @@ well. at least i passed my exam xD then B.M. also GG. but i passed also xD then math. also GG ! but also passed xD then erm. physics. =.= okay la. passed xD but still GG ><'' biology? this one lucky =.= xD english? okie okie. this one better. can say out the score xD 82 == still low. ><''

overall ler. can say one word. KANASAI =.= like shit.
have to +u lor xD i can do it !

next ler. have to give credits to my laopo sha zhu xD cause she got blog bout me mar xD so i have to say thank you nor =) then. Xiu Mei / Michiyo. mei , hope you'll get better soon ! michiyo, according to my sha zhu xD of her unsatisfied results lo =x but you'll be fine. HARDER ones will come !

- face the days with a smile (: -

-fusion of black&white
5:15 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Sunday, June 20, 2010 ; Oops XD at 12:31 AM
My name is Tiffany Chua x) And I am here to say I love my baby boy , Kevin Lim :P ♥♥♥ Teehee :P

-fusion of black&white
12:31 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, June 19, 2010 ; at 5:57 AM
every year there's been this day where i would go back to the past and just read through all the posts. today was just another day ! was looking at my last year's post. i guess last year wasn't a good year. but it can be considered a good year too.! why? u may ask me (: cause I met my baby (: i remembered the first post about her. started saying she's my dar. but just normal friends. hee.! who knows , normal friends. could form us today? 8months nearly 9months couple (: sweet sweet couple (: i like the life i'm enjoying now (: with her. with my family and friends !

also i remembered. the post where I send her my first MMS (: just a plain me. with formal shirt in da car. even named her in my contact list. Tiffany Dar. who knows that's coming? (: then. just started calling her. everyday everynight. text and text.! until she accepted me. just wanna show some appreciation of me to you babe.! in this post. yes babeh ! you. YOU! you healed my heart. u made me think of u night and day. every minute. every second. this may let u guys feel that i'm a faker. no. i'm not. this is true feeling. i get angry when some guy disturbs her. or i'll get jealous. she gave me such memories that i wouldn't mind keeping for the rest of my life.

i get to take care of her when she's sick. watch valentine's day together (: oops!~ watched GLEE (: watched drama (: ate ice-cream (: took picture (: thinking all of these makes me feel like crying >.
back to the topic. was reading my previous posts. figured out that:
1) i like to talk big.
2) i like to show off
3) i like to be sarcastic

this 3 things. i really should get if off right now.! i'm gonna do that.! god bless me (: friends help me (:

well. used a long time to type all these !
time to breathe in some air and pui my babe !


-fusion of black&white
5:57 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 ; at 7:10 AM

just another boring holidays. these few week's happened alot of things. for example. we finished our exam =) even watched Khalil Fang's Concert ^^ then. went for basketball competition ! bla-bla-bla! haha. it was awesome stuffs :D even had our 8th month anniversary x) of course. Me and my baby ! well. its like 3 days going to be 4 days that i didnt see her already :( feels so sucky.. well. as long as she's happy. i'll endure ba :)

just a short update lor. Bored-zzz!

i love u baby girl , Tiffany. You know that ! *hugs* miss u. i need u <3

-fusion of black&white
7:10 AM


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