thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Thursday, April 30, 2009 ; at 1:04 AM
so boring these days.. skipped 2 days of school.. haix..
heres a video of me.. singing a song by
Deng Li Jun - 我只在乎你..
it is an old song !
hope u like it~ and please dont mind my lousy guitar skills xD

-fusion of black&white
1:04 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 ; at 5:53 AM
haha! theres a new arival in my family..
A DOG! and its like.. so cute! so so so adorable..
and my other dog , Jacko is like.. so fuckin jealous..
so funny~ well.. look at the pictures below.. but its abit blur lar..

my dog =)

my sister and our dog~

yeah.. me and my dog xD
still not sure what name should we name it..
its a he anyway xD
any suggestions?
mayb browny?or.. chocolate.. LOL! im not good in giving names ><"
thats all lar.. a quick update >.<

-fusion of black&white
5:53 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, April 27, 2009 ; at 5:01 AM

haha~ so bored today.. im addicted to magic again >.<'''
aiya.. nevermind.. nothing happened in school today.. hehe =)
nothing much.. after school i went home.. then mummy sent me to tuition at YenMing's house~
after that she fetched me.. then.. i ate my dinner..
then mummy and daddy go genting..
then jiejie send me go take my phone..
FINALLY! they finally finished repairin my phone =)
haha.. guess im not gonna be that bored ^^

thats all lar..

-fusion of black&white
5:01 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, April 25, 2009 ; at 8:25 AM
i woke up at 5.30 today xD
then started to prepare for the upcoming event..
yeah.. after i cycled to school..
imagine a boy who's in formal wear cycling.. it looks so funny~
whateva.. camwhored during last practice xD

yeah.. me wif my famous pose >.<

try to look okay.. haha!~

listening to the song >.< dont mind the one next to me.. just and extra xD
no la.. his name is wei xiong xD

and my partner?

then we took pictures wif the good students xD PELAJAR CEMERLANG~
FUYOH~ im one of them also xD

me and noel. ~
haha.. guess what.. the malay broke my specs..
FUCK! stupid..
hate it.. but i bought another specs xD not bad hor.. notice the picture below~

yeah.. me and my specs xD
okay.. talking about the singing part..
i TOTALLY screwed it up >.<
yes.. noel told me we have changes.. so its like..
i screwed it up!!! im supposed to sing first.. then only followed by the guitar..
but the guitarist starts first instead of me..
so im like.. SHYT! WHATEVA LA..
its past~ i love my voice and i love me!
and most importantly i love her!!!!

- endz -

-fusion of black&white
8:25 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Thursday, April 23, 2009 ; at 4:31 AM
lets see what picture i took today xD

yen ming's and pik chin's back.. LOL

leng zai ler.. chee yang ~

me having my breakfast ==

Mei Zi~

yeng leh~ yuen han~ future handball player LOL
tugas QM until half way.. then have to go get ready for the full rehearsal..
cause im singing im yours for hari anugerah.. quite gan cheong but i did it!
YEAH! below is the picture.. what im gonna wear..

PEACE~ thats all~

- chiaoz -

-fusion of black&white
4:31 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 ; at 4:28 AM
(click to enlarge)
LOL! a random post! love this picture xD
xiong xiong took it during basketball..
when me and ah bung one-on-one xD
too bad.. its a foul i think xD
not sure also.. but i noe my face damn funny.. evrytime i jump..
u see.. my tongue will like come out automatic-ly? wth rite? zz
aiya.. not bad la.. my size can jump quite high ^^
its very satisfying jor xDD
just a random post.. sorry ah bung~~
for posting ur picture without telling u ~

-fusion of black&white
4:28 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, April 21, 2009 ; at 6:42 AM
today got KRS tugas xD
cause today is bola baling competition MSSD!(GIRLS)
i do enjoy cause i can watch them play xD
not bad was quite exciting but the field is so fucking muddy!
GOSH! theres pictures but its really quite un-arranged.. so ill try to tell what happened today according to the pictures ==

KRS members >.< curi tulang arh~

dont say them.. we also curi tulang.. we camwhored ==

apa ni? tugas then read book.. LOL

haha.. BaoLing , HuiYing , Ah San

yeaps... actually i wanna blog about something de.. ==
but i forgot until today~ i took the picture of the office ==
yea.. my school office got BURNT? as in people put fire?
LOL! the whole LOT of office kena burnt.. computers EVERYTHING! documents too.. im like..
COOL! when i heard the news.. but why dont they put fire at the whole school? damn!

then we started showing middle fingers == chee yang..
notice his hand ( finger ) haha

me and wei xiong.. like NA!

my turn.. == so lame lo

even took picture wif excel ==

nicholas and chee yang.. dont noe wht they doing.. blur blur

yeah.. once we finished tugas-ing.. as u can see.. my lunch ==

its so SALTY!gosh.. cant believe i had two boxes of that.. imagine how hungry i am ==

haha.. the store room == lame dou..
i think i need rest xD

- nite -

-fusion of black&white
6:42 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, April 20, 2009 ; at 6:17 AM

just a random post ==
went shi shen just now for basketball.. lepas tu tersempak dengan huiying and chaiyen them ==
then we all wear same t-shirt orh.. then ma take a picture lo xD
so so so lame.. seriously damn random ! haha..
tomorrow got krs tugas ^^
also got rehearsal for hari anugerah.. this sux!
whateva lar.. im done blogging ==
nothing to do.. >.<

- nite -

-fusion of black&white
6:17 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Sunday, April 19, 2009 ; at 3:08 AM
we celebrated baobao's birthday at her house wif a bunch of high school students xD
as u see =) look at the picture below ^^

yeaps.. hui ying , edmond loke , chai yen and nicholas

baobao , hui ying and justin xD

bao ling , hui ying , nicholas and their fans ==

chai yen and me ^^

me and hui ying ^^

the birthday girl and me =)

then around 10.30 we sang birthday song to Baobao ^^
including english and cantonese version =)

lol! vincent.. ter-take his pic

federick han yoong ==

yeah.. this is the birthday present me and wei liang shared for her =)
its a bear.. obviously lar ^^
happy birthday to YOU GIRL!
all the best to u!!

-fusion of black&white
3:08 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, April 18, 2009 ; at 2:58 AM
YES! finally we finished our Marching Competition!
this years result ended up better =)
although we only managed to get the 2nd runner-up..
but its really more than enough.. cause we just finished our formation a week ago :)
but then.. its good! WE MANAGED TO WIN THE TOP 3!
yes.. next year TOP 2 is ours!! hope so =) lets see some pictures xD

yeaps =) lurus ke kanan xD i look FUNNY!

hormat ke kanan! but i raised both of my hands xD unique abit la

hehe =) this picture is nice !! the whole squad =)
haha.. after marching.. we did some camwhore xD

wif wei xiong , chee yang and kimberly =)
nearly forgot to put Yen Ming's name ==
Xiong , Yah Tze , Kimberly and me >.<
hehe =) just being lame ^^
whateva it is.. although we just managed to get 2nd runner up..
yeah.. it feels good.. i get to know more friends =) more form 5 friends..
yeah.. 2 people fainted..
she nearly fainted also.. haix~
after the marching competition.. we ( 30+ people including me )
walked 20 minutes road to pizza hut xD
imagine wearing the boots and the uniform.. so blardy hot >.<
yeah.. its like so crowded.. from
haha.. then we ate lo... refilled like 4~5 jars of pepsi..
drink until damn full.. no need eat also feel bao bao ad.. ==
Xue Qin and Xue Yun memang sama species..
both have the ability to bom people 9 9! haha.. dont scold me for putting ur name here but its a MUST! xD after eating.. we walked ANOTHER 1 AND A HALF HOURs ==
back to shah alam.. i thought its only 45 minutes.. until pui kuan told me.. gosh..
damn tired.. justin still say 'ok' ==
reach home damn tired but still go play basketball >.< whole leg cram..
im supposed to take alot of pictures yesterday BUT i did not bring my handphone ! too bad..
sighs.. i think i write to many thing le..
thats all la.. CHIAOZ!

- OUTZ -

-fusion of black&white
2:58 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Thursday, April 16, 2009 ; at 7:24 AM
haha.. yeah~
today is 'HUI YING' de birthday =)
yes.. Tan Hui Ying.. == also can say my mui lar =)
got anything must tell me..
all though we are not that close.. still can consider a best friend of mine..
haha.. yes.. some

haha.. wen yi hui~

during wen yi hui~ the first girl is hui ying =)

during valentines day.. OOPS~ not that she's my valentine xD

during sunway outing =)

yeaps.. same place different pose =)

during wen yi huI~
sorry arh ying.. pictures not that arranged XD
no present for u also =) next time yumcha together lar~

-fusion of black&white
7:24 AM


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