thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Friday, April 30, 2010 ; at 4:06 AM
sometimes things just dont work out like u want them to be.

felt lot better talking to myself.

-fusion of black&white
4:06 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Sunday, April 25, 2010 ; at 1:48 AM

its a good picture dont u think? haha xD well. hope igettoholdherhandsforeverandever. just wanna be selfish just this time =) forgive me arh.. ^^

p/s: no matter what u did to me. i'll just label it as a sad memory. but all those happy memories between us. i'll always remember. i'll always do. Tiffany this name is very rare cause it seems that ur the first girl i know with the name of Tiffany. the attitude in u I will never see it in other girls. the smile on ur face just makes my day. the way u talk to me , look at me will melt my heart without fail. sometimes we do have sad things but i dont seem to see what is the obstacle in us to be together forever. i'm just gonna love u forever. today is actually our 205th day together. i hope we can make alot of happy memories! hugs and kiss.

Kevin & Tiffany.

-fusion of black&white
1:48 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, April 10, 2010 ; at 5:21 AM
yeah. had this for lunch today xD mee goreng. after tuition i tot there's transportation to fetch me from tuition centre. oh mai got =.= dont have pulak. then go dapao food from the mamak lor. mee goreng ayam xD not bad la xD then walk home =.= ish. luckily its not that far lor~~ hee~~ then go home eat then sleep =.= pig sia. slept for 3 hours then wake up. eat again =.= memang pig. later got movie i think xD some hong kong movie at 11.30 ^^ but haix~ cannot pui laopo nor.. say wanna wait for me summore x( cannot nar laopo.. must sleep earlier noh ><'' muacks! btw. there's some pictures of Legends VS-ing Canal Gardens and Legends in school ^^

free throw went wrong =.= look at where im standing. Paiseh-nya >.<
yerr.. my candid shots. =.= lay up without jumping LOL. == == == == == == ==

Coach talking to us. Khee Wang kao lui xP jokes lar ~~

boxing up xD the proof xD

Discussing xP

Legends with Coach~

Legends with Coach Again ^^ look at the muscle xD means that crocodile and pushups worked =.=

Legends and the Girls =.= QM. spot the odd :D

Ban Cute~~ xP

Ban Cool. xP

formal~ ^^ aiya. Coach ter-close his eyes xP

A proper Formal Picture. Coach , Legends and the QM =.= also basketball club la xP

well. we won 3 friendly matches with other schools etc etc. our of 3. we won 3. =) but during MSSD's. there's more taller people with bigger strength's. its not that we are not strong. just that they are stronger. yeah. we lost. 1 win and 1 loss. but it means that we have more space to improve ourself. i think there's another friendly with sri KL next sat? i dunno. hope everything will just turn out fine =) thanks Coach Ng xD thanks everyone =) its just another wonderful memory to remember.!

baobei. i <3 u laopo. sleep earlier~

-fusion of black&white
5:21 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Friday, April 9, 2010 ; at 4:15 AM
its a good day actually. change 3 sets of clothing cause there's photography session today. i went for KRS. Quatermasters. and basketball. super hot lor. ><'' sweat like crap. then we did alot of freestyle shits xD funny noh.. aww..

well. it was supposed to be a very very happy day. i have alot to tell them. alot of happy stuff. too bad. they ruined it. its also my fault la. wateva.

stupid short update. dunno what to update.

-fusion of black&white
4:15 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 ; at 2:55 AM
Yo! hows everybody doing? =) finally finished my practical lor. not too bad not too good =) but did quite alot of mistakes >< worried now. hmmm~ well. wore like this to the exam today. look smart? xD *perasan* just a short short update on my daily life =) i think Legends won today? ^^ congratz congratz!~ i'm missing u.

didnt see u for almost 5 days makes me go crazy my baobei ><''

-fusion of black&white
2:55 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Monday, April 5, 2010 ; at 3:32 AM

first time and my last time in high school life. screwed it up badly. what is it? i'm actually referring to MSSD tournament. 1st match. 30-43 with Subang Jaya. we can do it. i can do it. why didnt i? i really dont know. not because i'm lazy. my mind was blank. like a white piece of paper. everybody did good. except for me. dunno what to say anymore loh. ><'' hope Legends will win the following matches then hope luck will be on ourside. thanks Ah Yao for borrowing the Jerseys.

-fusion of black&white
3:32 AM

thy rutted music, filled with sync;
Saturday, April 3, 2010 ; at 7:32 AM
went training today. ran 10 rounds. had a 28 minutes game with own teammates. we have big possibilities to win the tournament. i have confidence. if our condition is good. we'll win for sure. vincent the MVP. Keong the skyhook-er. Kuan Hoong the bolt ( his speed is good xD ) jacky the shooter. Khee Wang the shooter. Benjamin the balancer ( knows everything ) sharen the defender. Shin Hae the Alien Hand ( his hands are fking long =.= ) Ah Yao the 3 pointer. Han Yoong the Shooting Guard. Wei Liang the Leng Leng. missed out anyone? hmmm. oh yea. Me. Kevin the Jumper. Team Legend. We can win this shit.

yeah. funniest thing today is like. its like charma =.= i ter-tripped han yoong. then benjamin ter-tripped me. then someone ter-tripped benjamin. like wtf xD my injured index finger below =(

looks like a small wound rite? but its fking pain =.=

after bandaging it with a plaster. *feels better* =)

yeah. just ate a super stupendous fish at Petaling Jaya with Family ^^full full. put on weight already. thats all ba. =) i have no idea why is the first few sentence underlined =.=

p/s: Baby. we've been together for 6 months. =) been thru all those shits. bitter sweet. and even sour. yea. just wanna say I LOVE YOU <3 Kevin and Tiffany forever and ever. ! Mwahx! *hugs and kisses*

-fusion of black&white
7:32 AM


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